Much was accomplished in Sint-Maartensdijk and… more is about to happen

Every now and then we look back and feel rather good about ourselves and our work. We still visit Sint-Maartensdijk because of the Tuus in Smerdiek initiative which was instigated during the EMPOWERCARE project. And it is quite something that has been accomplished in the village. The inhabitants themselves started working together and that is how many new connections and collaborations came into being. The demo bus (through which inhabitants could learn more on aids and possibilities to help them live at home for longer) and the village magazine are among the highlights of what they achieved. When you have accomplished so much together it feels like a missed opportunity to stop collaborating, even though a project may officially be over. That is why people work on keeping up what was accomplished and new plans are being developed as well. The Solidarity University’s work methods are still used for this process

Inhabitants in charge
Whilst Sint-Maartendijk’s inhabitants are hard at work, we often join them. Their new plans involve them taking more responsibility when the village has to deal with challenges regarding quality of life. Associations, churches and other volunteer alliances wish to work more together and wish to coordinate their activities. And there are concrete ideas already such as the organisation of a yearly inhabitants meet-up, a joint activity calendar and the realisation of a village budget which is needed to achieve these plans.

To be continued

When there are new developments to be reported, you will read all about them on our social media and website. Marjan de Smit visits Sint-Maartensdijk on a regular basis. She summarised the whole collaboration process in Sint-Maartensdijk as follows: “That is how it all starts. By doing things together such as setting up a magazine. And that leaves you wanting more. You are never quite finished with Sint-Maartensdijk.” That goes for both the inhabitants and for us. To be continued.