this is how we work

When we set out to work, we start by simply talking to people. Extensively. A narrative approach forms the basis of all our work because we believe people’s stories and experiences are at the core of everything and therefore, they should be central to every plan you make, research you perform and insight you wish to gain.

personal stories
We set up processes of social innovation and wish to support and inspire people and organisations to go and find those personal stories. They enable us to get to know one another and furthermore, to see what matters in our environment. We talk, we map problems, gather stories and do research. The knowledge we gain this way, is vital if you want to offer the right kind of services or products and it is also a basic requirement if you wish to give shape to a living environment.

How we work

true insights
What we aim for, is to provide true insights into all the issues that really matter to people (not just for (local) governments and institutions, but also for the people themselves). We provide and interpret data and we provide solutions, but we do more than that. In every process we are involved in, we teach our work method to the people involved. And in our turn, we learn from the insights they have gained.

unique stories as a basis
We challenge organisations to look critically at themselves and to have the courage to start an entirely new process with a unique story as a basis. We spread people’s stories in the hope that others will spread them even further and will see them as a call to action to organise things differently.