working on new ways of working for the Municipality of Veere

For, and together with, the municipality of Veere, we work on the minor Fit for the Future. Within the minor, they learn how to deal with various and sometimes tough problems as well as civic challenges. The municipality has made a video (in Dutch) on the minor in which you can see various employees who talk about their unique experience with the project. There is also ample room in the video for our own Hans de Bruin and Petra de Braal who share their experience leading this project on behalf of HZ University of Applied Sciences.
The minor teaches the municipality’s employees new ways of dealing with tasks and responsibilities. At the moment we work with three groups: license authorities, project managers and management. Everything changes and how do you deal with that? How do you take on tough problems such as decentralisation or a new environmental bill?
What can you expect from others, how do you make contact, how do you get an overview of what is going on? One of the insights the participants gained and appreciated is that they can work together in different ways. If you are looking for solutions to new problems you will have to start moving. Constant adaptation to chaning circumstances is key.
As a nice ‘bonus’, we also received positive feedback on the fact that the minor does not just provide new insights that can be used at work, they also work wonders in people’s private lives.