Science in Residence

The aim of Science in Residence (SiR) is to work together with various partners to find solutions for local challenges (amongst others in the fields of quality of life and sustainability). Within this project, municipalities combine forces with welfare organisations and civilians in order to develop fitting solutions for their needs.

Science in Residence is a ‘Living Lab’ in which civilians, authorities, companies and students tackle complex challenges together. The goal is to find local solutions. Science in Residence originated from a partnership between the municipality of Veere and HZ University of Applied Sciences. Currently, the method is applied in several municipalities. And now it is also being used to find an approach for a new environmental act.

our role

Science in Residence was developed by Solidarity University and HZ University of Applied Sciences. Within this project, Solidarity University is responsible for the overall approach and process management.


  • HZ University of Applied Sciences
  • Gemeente Veere