EMPOWERCARE final days and final report

After three years, the international part of the EMPOWERCARE project is coming to an end. Currently, we as a project team are busy with the final stages of that part of the project. This feels like a good time to tell you about some of the results and about the things we learned along the way and we would like to thank all parties involved.

Learning Process
In EMPOWERCARE, we learned a lot together and we learned from each other. You can read all about our three-year learning trajectory in the final report (in Dutch). In this report, we also mention the three pilot projects that we set up in the Oosterschelde region: Tuus in Smerdiek, Digitaal Thuis in Zeeland en Digitaal Actief Zeeland (at home in Smerdiek, Digitally at Home in Zeeland, Digitally Active Zeeland). They have each been meaningful learning trajectories in their own right. We followed a similar approach in all pilots. We instigated various activities and for each of them we closely monitored how things worked. Because the way we approached activities was always equally important as the activity itself. Listening to underlying questions and the needs of the people involved proved essential.

Pilot Projects.
In Tuus in Smerdiek we looked into how the community of Sint-Maartensdijk (also called: Smerdiek) could be reinforced. To achieve this, we listened to the villager’s wishes, joined existing initiatives and facilitated things. More info is to be found in this section of our website and in the final report.
Digitaal Thuis in Zeeland researched how we can deploy digital aids to improve the independence of the elderly. Training programmes were set up, there were many contact moments and the elderly got to try out a lot of digital means themselves. More info via SWVO’s site (in Dutch) and the final report.
Digitaal Actief Zeeland looked into the questions whether digital activities can be used to work on the same goals as physical daycare and whether these digital activities might reach a different demographic. Digital activities were developed and people were trying them all out. More info via  Digitaal Actief Zeeland (in Dutch) and the final report.

The People behind the Pilot Projects
If you would like to know more about the people involved in the pilots, you can check out the story archive (in Dutch) where you will find it underneath ‘de drie vragen aan’ (three-question interviews).

EMPOWERCARE is more than just EMPOWERCARE Zeeland. On Moodle, you can find information on Empowercare Zeeland and on the international projects that were also set up within this project. This can also be checked on the site empowercare.eu. On this site, you will find the final reports of the project. If you would rather read them on our site, please check out this page.

EMPOWERCARE would have been impossible to realise without the aid and support of a large group of people involved. Thanks to all the elderly, caregivers, clients, volunteers and professionals for their substantive contributions. Let’s quote Jaap Kloet to reflect the all-over sentiment:

“I really appreciate the group and the wonderful contributions everyone gives. Everyone does something that they are good at and that is how we reinforce each other.” – Jaap Kloet on Tuus in Smerdiek.