interview Hans de Bruin on Delta Platform

After the publication of We Got to Move, things did not remain silent for long. A beautiful interview with Hans De Bruin was published on the Delta Platform site. The article pays attention to the Social Theory, the publication of We Got to Move and combining technical solutions with social innovation. At the end of the interview, Hans is asked how he looks upon the Solidarity University’s plans and he answers: “We do our best. You can see that people’s attitudes are changing. But you should not just ascribe that to us. The glasses we put on ourselves, the glasses through which we view reality… We wish to pass on those glasses to others. If they put them on, they will view reality in a different way as well. On a national level you can see several people make an effort. You cannot tackle these kinds of difficult problems on your own. You need others. If we can contribute and help others to view things differently, then we stimulate change and growth. That is what we are aiming for.”

One quote is, of course, never enough to grasp the interview as a whole. In the text as a whole, several crucial observations on the Social Theory are made, for instance. Ideally you should read it in its entirety (please note, however, that the interview is in Dutch).
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(picture courtesy of Delta Platform)