The aim of I-KNOW-HOW is to enable people who are diagnosed with cancer to continue their work or to return to their work.

I-KNOW-HOW is an innovative European social project that supports employees who have cancer in their reintegration at work, or enables them to remain working after their diagnosis. According to data of the Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland (Dutch Integral Cancer Centre) 601 people in the age group 15 – 59 years were diagnosed with cancer in 2018 in Zeeland. Solidarity University, HZ University of Applied Sciences and ZB| Planbureau en Bibliotheek van Zeeland work together in the European Interreg project I-KNOW-HOW in order to develop new supportive services for employees who have cancer, HR professionals, employers and job coaches. The goal is to enable employees who have cancer to return to work faster and, additionally, to ensure that the illness leads to unemployment less often than it does now.

our role

The role of the Solidarity University in I-KNOW-HOW is setting up and developing the research approach, as well as the implementation of the research together with HZ University of Applied Sciences and ZB Planbureau en Bibliotheek van Zeeland.


The Netherlands:

  • ZB Planbureau en Bibliotheek van Zeeland
  • HZ University of Applied Sciences


  • Rother Voluntary Action
  • Sara Lee Trust Company
  • Sterpunt Inclusief Ondernemen
  • Emino
  • Green Tiger
  • Centre Oscar Lambret


big knowledge database update (and all about an unforgettable co-creation session)

Recently, we organised a public co-creation session which turned out to be a day filled with moments of recognition, both for us and the participants. It was a momentous occasion we had really been looking forward to. It was more than just sharing experiences; what became clear for all parties involved, was just what can be achieved by sharing experiences (and therefore shared knowledge). Participants had very direct insight into their own contribution to the project as a whole. Or, as participant Martien Luteijn put it into words: “It was truly great to see people realise: ‘I can make a valid and vital contribution to all this’.”

2 November 2022
on the social theory and how we work – an extensive talk with Petra and Hans

The Social Theory forms the basis for the Solidarity University’s work method. The theory can be found in all of the Solidarity University’s projects (in the nature of the projects but also in how these projects are approached). The fact that these projects are all about people and how they interact with one another and the fact that there is a lot of room for reflection and self-reflection as well as learning about learning … All that goes right back to the Social Theory.

12 May 2022
I-Know-How Video

We have now produced a video which comprehensively explains everything that happens within I-Know_How.

21 October 2021