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presentation We Got to Move

When to present a book about social innovation with as one of its most central themes the fact that you should always keep moving and keep changing and innovating? A book like that is never finished. And yet it was on Thursday 13 July when Hans de Bruin presented the online book ‘We Got to Move’.

8 September 2023
big knowledge database update (and all about an unforgettable co-creation session)

Recently, we organised a public co-creation session which turned out to be a day filled with moments of recognition, both for us and the participants. It was a momentous occasion we had really been looking forward to. It was more than just sharing experiences; what became clear for all parties involved, was just what can be achieved by sharing experiences (and therefore shared knowledge). Participants had very direct insight into their own contribution to the project as a whole. Or, as participant Martien Luteijn put it into words: “It was truly great to see people realise: ‘I can make a valid and vital contribution to all this’.”

2 November 2022